catering services in India

Slowly and gradually as small business ideal of catering becoming a new business model , where catering service provider is also looking for expansion through franchise medium or partner medium.
As market is growing , lot many business directory providing list of catering service provider . even internet searches also showing the result , whichever catering service provider has done search engine optimization.
 Business concept is to deliver best quality food as per number of guest and with considering cultural taste. catering purely a business of taste and timely service. in North India , this business is growing like anything. even bigger corporate and SME are entering in this business model , small restaurant owner are increasing their business by advertising themselves at larger scale . 
Big Corporate and restaurant chains are , growing business in india. They having bigger menu as per different localities cultural taste and local ingrediants.
Society is also favouring those companies , which are in bigger infrastructure and working on or providing services in india