Part time maids in Delhi

Recently , it has been seen and now becoming a trend in urban class of society ,where Both husband and wife are working for goal achievement and aspiration , looking for part time maids in delhi.
It is no where related that part time maid would work for more than 8 hours but part time maids typically hired for small work or working hour below 8 in a day.
As everyone is looking for reliable and verified maid agency , who can supply best trained part time maid , whether male or female . it is in high priority for security reason , because after so many verification also , no one guaranteed about authentically maid and his/her services.

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You can heard about the part time maid ,mostly work or Hire for Child caring or food making or sometimes elder take care or nursing. At time of pregnancy ,specially in North india , people search for japa maid, they are the best part time maid , who take care of newly born child.

In terms of commercial aspect , Not a single maid agency is look happy because the commission is not so lucrative and part time maid salary always at low end compared with Full time maid .
This is now a cash flow business in india specially in metros , where large amount of maid service provider are registerig themselves and growing their business