Connect Supplier Privacy Policy

Connect Supplier is dedicated towards protecting the confidentiality of its users. This is our appeal to all our users to read comprehensively through the given privacy policy in order to comprehend the process through which their personal & business details would be used, while they make use of our services in order to yield profit and recognition through us. The policy is relevant solely to the complete set-up of trades worked upon by Connect Supplier in place or any other company.

Collecting Information

Connect Supplier accumulates details from the users while they register to acquire contact to our services or at other precise occasions as and when they are asked to give out their individual as well as business details. At the time of registration, we request the users to put in their names, email addresses, business information and a few other personal information. After the registration process, connect Supplier would recognize them as its member and would be provided the rights to make public the preferred business & personal information over its market pages, comprising the business listing, leads, catalogs and much more.

Once the users gets registered on our network they are further enquired for additional personal details, while during this process you are giving out your details to Connect Supplier itself, except it is particularly mentioned about anything else in particular. Once the endorsements run on our network might be endorsed by companies apart from Connect Supplier or in another case could even be co-sponsored by Connect Supplier along with one more company. There is a possibility to carry out some of the data at the time of a promotion to be shared along the sponsor. Though, you can choose about this sort of a participation in the endorsement and come back to us, if in case it is not required We also collect data about the viewed pages, number of different visitors, browser software, screen resolution and much more in order to analyze further in order to obtain an idea and offer better services that would enhance your overall experience.

Using Personal & Business Details

Connect Supplier’s most important objective in accumulating personal or public details has always been to offer the user along with a custom-made understanding while using our network of sites. This comprises modified services, interactive communiqué and other services that are more often entirely free while the rest of them are remunerated. Business details are utilized to exhibit the user's business catalog or product hand-outs throughout our network to bring back the greatest business prospects towards the user. In a bid to offer services free of cost, Connect Supplier presents endorsements depending on the use of the site depicted in the numbers and the visiting inclination. Connect Supplier makes use of the personal & business details in order to provide the projected ads over its websites, newsletters and personalized mailers. To add on to it, formerly the user's personal and business details are demonstrated on our network, the user might start getting business queries over emailers, phone calls or SMS notices, through the diverse consumers and traders that may be beneficial. Connect Supplier does not implement any power on its users that enquire through the listed members We trace business and surfing actions of our users comprising however we are not limited to the client's contact information and profile and utilize the same to offer value-added services to our users.

Sharing Information

Generally Connect Supplier would not reveal or distribute any of the user's personally certain details other than being used when connect Supplier has the user's consent or under particular conditions, for instance when Connect Supplier considers in trust that the legal system would need it or as allowed in the conditions of this policy. Connect Supplier does not present user email IDs on marketplace to evade removal by email filters. Connect Supplier might as well unveil account information in particular cases when it has grounds to consider that releasing these details is required in terms of any legal implications involved in order to identify, contact or offer legal action in opposition to anyone who might be considered violating the Terms of Services or might be the reason behind causing harm or interference with Connect Supplier’s rights or property, other of its network website users, or if it considers it compulsory to sustain, examine, and advance its products and services. Personal information gathers might re-assign and shared in during its sale.

Information distribution

Connect Supplier might regularly mail its users about its products and services. Connect Supplier regularly attempts and develops the marketplace apparatus in order to offer enhanced competence, that is more significant, inventive business connections along with enhanced personal inclination. Connect Supplier has numerous connecting tools for the market to be owned by its users for building appropriate business acquaintances amongst themselves. Connect Supplier might permit direct mails while bringing in use its own characters with according to the products and services of the third parties that might be fascinating to the user or if the user has presented curiosity in your company for business requisite by through our paid buyers-sellers contact services. The entire users would be able to manage the details shared over their admin panel out at Only connect Supplier, its recorded members or its agents who work under privacy agreements would send these straight mailers. The contacts are made relevant amongst users would rely upon the details required & specified by various users.

Updating Details

A user is able to edit his/her account information and profile once they log in to our website or even send a request to The changes enquired might take around 30 days to show online owing to the authentication procedure and server cache guidelines. User is permitted to delete or deactivate the account, however post to this; the outcome would not enable the user to contact any members-only area of the network. Remaining details would continue to be present in the archive account with us.

Protection of information

Similar to all the details, Connect Supplier does not sell any information in bulk to third party that could be misrepresented for telemarketing or bulk mailing or any other unethical intention. To add on, Connect Supplier does not trade any user's personal or business details unless it is allowable by the user. Any user data that we might offer to potential advertisers or associates concerning product or service usage on Connect Supplier network is offered in a cumulative form only and does not comprise any individually exclusive details about any particular user. Users might as well log in to to ensure the present status of their contact sharing permittance. We demand our users to sign out of their Connect Supplier account and end their browser window once they have completed their work. This is basically to make sure that others are restricted to use their individual or business details and association, if the user shares the computer with anybody else or is using a public computer. Connect Supplier takes the required steps, refined to commercial possibility and requirement, to make certain that the user's details are dealt with safely. Regrettably, no data conduction over the web can be certain to be 100% protected. As an outcome, while Connect Supplier endeavors to safe guard the user's personal & business details, it cannot assure the protection of any information sent out to Connect Supplier while the user needs to be sure and perform at your own possibility. The moment Connect Supplier accepts your communication; it makes the most excellent efforts to guarantee its protection in its systems. Please remember that all your posts carrying your post personal & business information over the web, that is reachable to the public, you might obtain unwanted messages from other parties.

Google and the DoubleClick DART cookie

  • Google, as a third party business, utilizes cookies to supply ads on our site.
  • Google's make use of of the DART cookie facilitates it and its associates to offer ads to our users grounded upon their visit to our sites or other sites over the web.
  • Users might choose to use of the DART cookie by stopping over the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Modification of Privacy Policy

The policy might be altered any point of time so we advise to check upon this occasionally.