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Welcome to connectsupplier.com – your very own b2b portal, we request you to go through the Terms and Conditions carefully before you head over to our site. While you go through this web site, you are bound to agree with the terms and conditions listed here. Connect Supplier-B2B has the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any given point. Once you use connectsupplier.com, abiding by the modifications over to this section would certainly reflect that you agree to these changes as well as the following terms. Just in case there is any apprehension with these terms and conditions, we request you to put a stop here and avoid accessing the pages on this particular site or you can also get in touch with us. You would certainly agree with the Terms of Use policy and the Privacy Policy along with the conditions listed here, while you view, visit, use, interact with our website or with any of the banners, pop-ups, or ads appearing on it.


While you connect with the various buyers and sellers over the website, we have no involvement in the buying and selling cycle. We are not driven by the value, protection, or legality of the items marketed, the facts or precision of the items listed here, the capacity of sellers to essentially sell items they list here with us, or the capacity of buyers to essentially buy items. Always keep in mind about the possibilities by dealing with people you are not aware of the aspects, while we at connectsupplier.com would not be held responsible for the same. This website is merely a web-based platform where its users communicate with each other over the website and it carries no direct or indirect contact and relation with the terms and conditions of any negotiation/ sales/ purchase/ transactions. The titles provided in this agreement are basically for the Reference purpose only and are not really defined, bounded, interpreted or defined section wise.

User Eligibility:

You should be at least 18 years of age and have the approved right to enter into this agreement and to make use of the Services within the terms and conditions mentioned here. If in case you are looking forward to buy or sell goods making use of the Service, you have legitimate authority to enter into the rest of the obligatory & selling contracts for the sale or purchase of goods. You approve to be economically accountable for the entire use of the Services. You similarly permit that the entire information completed by you or the members of your business and/or household while using the Services, comprising no restriction over your name, e-mail address, street address, telephone number, credit card number as and when mandatory, while you plan to sell goods, the entire information regarding your mentioned goods, is correct and precise. Once you agree to use connectsupplier.com services or processing as free or a paid subscriber - you confirm that you are 18 years or older in age and a genuine representative for the party for whom you are claiming to signify. In order to register, you should mention your actual name and e-mail.

Website content and use:

All the users abide by agreeing that the content published over this website shall be used for growth and expansion of its business only while the use of the consent for other purposes like broadcasting, copying, saving for mass distribution, printing, vending, publishing etc. Users hereby permit and agree that material from this website would not be used to implore business with any sort of a marketable action that participates with this website. The website assets the right to enhance, change or remove any content or alter the access level for the users, irrespective of being paid or free, regarding any content on the website, without any previous notification.

Transaction Related to the website content::

It remains being a selected concern of users to decide whether buying or selling of any of the mentioned items is approved by the law, order, or rule. Carrying no limitation, the mentioned items might not be put up for sale on this website: There are many items such as firearms, explosives and bullets; narcotic drugs, sex toys, forged, plagiarized or stolen items; any of the items that trespass or else disrupt the party rights, comprising copyright, patent, trademark, and rights of publicity and privacy; items that are professed by the website as offensive, offensive or pornographic; itemized securities; goods that do not carry a valid lawful right; goods that are misused or that do not in fact be existent; goods that if sold through the services might cause the website to interrupt any law, order or guidelines.